Maryland Pesticide Education Network

Who We Are

The Maryland Pesticide Education Network ( MPEN) is a non-profit (501c3) sister organization to the Maryland Pesticide Network, a coalition 25 member organizations. MPEN works to address the impacts of pesticides on the health of people, wildlife and our waterways. MPEN closely collaborates with MPN, to more effectively identify and address areas of concern regarding pesticides and promote safer alternatives to toxic pesticides.

Our Mission

The Maryland Pesticide Education Network:

  • Encourages the adoption of pest and land management practices that are safe for children, adults, wildlife and the environment, including the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Promotes right-to-know policies and laws regarding pesticide use, exposures and impacts.
  • Educates the public, policymakers, pest and land care management professionals, health care and public health professionals, waterkeepers, the agricultural community, and others about the hazards of pesticide exposure and safer alternatives.
  • Promotes programs, policies and laws that reduce or eliminate reliance on hazardous pesticides.
  • Works collaboratively with local, state and federal agencies and private organizations to promote the above objectives.