Smart on Pesticides Maryland

The Smart on Pesticides Campaign is pleased to announce that the 2014 Maryland General Assembly gave final passage to HB 621 / SB 700, establishing funding for pesticide reporting. Though it’s undeniable that pesticides pose risks to public and environmental health – including disease, contaminated waterways and endangered wildlife – the specific effects of these chemicals are still uncertain. This legislation, which will generate revenue to collect, analyze and report professional pesticide usage, will help researchers determine if and when pesticides are affecting public health and the environment.

Passage of HB 621 / SB 700 comes as a welcome relief for Maryland voters, who have profound concern about the health and environmental risks posed by pesticides and overwhelmingly support better pesticide use reporting. Environmental and public health advocates also agree that this bill is a small victory in the fight against pesticides.  “Anyone who cares about public health, clean water and wildlife should be excited that we’ve moved one step closer to pesticide reporting,” said Andrew Fellows of Clean Water Action.

We certainly are excited and you should be too! We all pushed very hard to get this bill passed, but now it’s time to encourage follow-through. We must ensure that the criteria for what pesticide data we collect are scientifically valid and that reporting is done in a timely manner. Given the alarming rates of beehive deaths, intersex fish and pesticide links to rising rates of cancer and autism, we don’t have time to waste. Sign our petition today and pass it along – let Maryland elected officials know that we won’t accept just any data – we need good data and we need it as soon as possible.

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