Smart on Pesticides Maryland

The Smart on Pesticides Coalition works to protect Marylanders and the natural systems we depend upon from the toxic impacts of pesticides.

Pesticides pose a serious risk to our health, to the Chesapeake Bay and local waterways and to wildlife – particularly honeybees. Honeybees are dying at alarming rates around the world; Maryland beekeepers have been losing approximately 30 percent of their hives every year for the past decade. Scientists believe neonicotinoid (neonic) pesticides are at least partly to blame. One out of every three bites of food we eat is reliant on honey bees, so threats to our pollinators jeopardize the entire food system.

The Pollinator Protection Act, introduced in the 2015 General Assembly, would have required labelling of nursery plants treated with toxic, bee-killing pesticides and restricted their consumer use.

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This video explains more about how pesticides may be affecting you, and why scientifically valid data on pesticides is a priority.

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