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About Smart on Pesticides Maryland

The Smart on Pesticides Coalition works to protect Marylanders and the natural systems we depend upon from the toxic impacts of pesticides.

Pesticides pose a serious risk to our health, to the Chesapeake Bay and local waterways and to wildlife. Certain pesticides particularly harm honeybees and wild bees, and play a significant role in bees dying at alarming rates around the world.

Research overwhelmingly shows that toxic neonicotinoid pesticides kill and harm bees, butterflies and birds – posing a serious threat to our food, public health and wildlife. Last year, Maryland beekeepers lost 61 percent of their bees, about twice the national average and far more than is typical in a year. In addition to killing bees outright, research shows that even low levels of these toxic pesticides cause serious harm.

Honey bees and other pollinators are responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat. Bees pollinate 71 of the 100 crops that make up 90 percent of the world’s food supply. Many fruits and vegetables, including apples, blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, carrots and broccoli, as well as almonds and coffee, rely on bees.

Maryland Needs the Pollinator Protection Act

The 2016 Pollinator Protection Act (SB 198 & HB 211) aims to curb consumer purchases of harmful neonicotinoid-containing products and ensure consumers know when plants have been grown or teated with these toxic pesticides.

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Tell your legislators today that you support the 2016 Pollinator Protection Act! Take a minute and send them a quick e-mail–we’ve made it easy! Legislators depend on hearing from constituents. Your voice can make all the difference in how your legislator votes.

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